VVDI MB Tool car list

VVDI MB Tool car list for all functions in here .Include. read & write keys/CGW (ZGW), EIS & ELS tools, password calculation of working keys and lost all key, prepare key file, renew ECU/gearbox/ISM, repair KM, etc.  Read Write Key
  1. Read key basic information
  1. Key with BE version, we can read password from key via IR directly. Of course, renew key, write new key file via IR is also supported
  1. Support IR repair key, repair key not work via IR
  1. NEC adaptor can read key password from NEC v51, v57 version
  1. Support read/activate blank BGA (0CF4) key
  1. Support read last HASH from key (Repair key)
  1. Support write and renew (NEC adaptor) NEC key versions following:
v51, v57 v28, v35, v40 v03, v06, v08 (Keyless Go) v05, v07, v09 (Keyless Go) v59, v61 (Keyless Go)  EIS Tools
  1. Support read EIS data via OBD and IR adaptor
  1. Under OBD mode, we provide auto detect EIS type for CAN protocol
  1. Support read W164, W209, W211 EIS vi

Which car can use VVDI MB Tool when all key lost

Here is our customer recent feedback on Mercedes-benz all key lost with a Xhorse vvdi mb bga tool. made W207 all key lost with VVDI MB. Work perfect, great tool!! made all keys lost W906 successfully! Just remove EZS, open it, read MCU (0L01Y is there I think) EEPROM, save dump and calculate keys. It’s easy to do it! Tested W212 all Keys lost OK with VVDI MB tool. Got a W212 EIS to make a key, it needs 2 tokens, one free one paid money. W209 or W211 all key lost for me is easy to do with VVDI. W204 W207 all key lost tested ok, get Password from W204 EIS successfully in second attempt, first time failed. W212, W166 and W256 all key lost are possible for VVDI. W166, W246, W212, W212 FBS3 all key lost OK do W221 all key lost last month with VVDI MB TOOL and a second hand EIS W221 lock with a key In short, now VVDI MB Tool v2.1.3 can do all key lost for MercedesW166, 197, 212, 218, 246 W212 (old with ELV) W204, W207 & add key for Mercedes-benzW164 W164 2009- W1

(Solved)2015.05 MB Star "DAS license expires in 1 day"

posted on Jan 02, 2017| tags: DAS mb star diagnosis sd connect c4 xentry
Problem: I am using Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 mux with 2015.5V DAS hard drive. It worked great, but today it suddenly give me error "ihre DAS-Lizenz lauft in 1 Tagen ab" (Their DAS license expires in 1 day.). 2015-5-das-error-1 Solution:If you bought your mb star hard drive/solid drive from mbstartool.com, please open STAR Utilities program on desktop, copy and paste DAS ID to our technician. We'll activate the DAS Xentry software for you. 2015-5-das-error-solution


run Xentry DAS on Toshiba laptops

posted on Dec 20, 2016| tags: DAS mb star software xentry Xentry DAS 2012
This is a user solution of getting Xentry DAS 2012 to work on the Toshiba laptop. This guide is copied here just for the educational purpose. Step B. "Play Das Xentry 2012"1. I prefer and suggest to use Power Iso, Adobe Reader 7, Easeus Partition Master,Easeus Todo backup, Winrar.2. Make new 1 user STAR as usual. Reboot, and configure everything for Star user.Disable CD/dvd-rW Drive first in Device Manager.3. Make 4 partition as always (minimum requirement space, you can use largest space)C: Star = 20 Gb min / the RestD: Recover = 7 GbE: Wis = 40 Gb (use for Wis and EPC database)F: Das = 30 Gbit is obviously that u must use 120 Gb Hdd minimum for full installation(Das Xentry, Wis , Epc, SD Media).4. connect ur treasure HDD contains Das X 09.2012 image .Iso andcopy it to C drive for faster loading/installation to a new Folder.e.g. DasX072012 (Dvd 1) + DasX092012 (Dvd 2)just leave it as .iso file.5. Make a new folder in C: (e.g. c:> DasKEycopy all the neccessaries key*ns like Xentry Dev

MB Star C3 DAS Fault (1.1)-1.501.9504 (Solved)

posted on Jul 28, 2016| tags: sd connect c4 mb star c3

I have had a Mercedes diagnostic machine MB STAR C3 for a while and i decided to try and make it work, but every time i try to communicate with the car i get  an error message saying : Fault (1.1)-1.501.9504Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed. Possible causes: The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic socket is interrupted. The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic unit is interrupted. The voltage supply at the diagnostic socket (circuit 30 and (or) circuit 31) is faulty.mb star c3 Fault (1.1)-1.501.9504 Error codes analysis: error code 95xx: C3 mux settings is committederror code 9551: means no C3 mux is connectederror code 9504: means Star C3 is connected and error in mux error code 9500: means C3 is connected but error in COM settings to COM2error code 99xx: means C4 mux settings is committedSo the error is 9504 means mux is read by software and mux is burned But C3 mux is working on 3 main communication objects:1- CanBus2- K-line3- L-lineyour mux may still work i

SDconnect Toolkit Incorrect parameter fault (599) Solution

posted on Jul 25, 2016| tags: sd connect c4 mb sd connect c4

Here is the resolution of Mercedes MB Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 2016.05 Xentry SDconnect Toolkit incorrect parameter fault. Problem:I have installed 05.2016 XDOS on Win7 32bit, everything were ok during installation and after, but when i tried to connect my sd connect via Lan i got message like on photo that parameters are incorrect. I have reinstalled XDOS again and got the same message, then i tried to install on 64-bit system and this time everything works. What could be the reason? SDconnect Toolkit Incorrect parameter fault (599) Customer solution: Change your computer name with word A - Z , i think your computer name with Russian Word, after change computer name, reboot PC.. All will be fine.. Result: It worked. 2016.05 Xentry now runs no problem. Thank you a lot!!! http://blog.mbstartool.com/2016/07/26/sdconnect-toolkit-incorrect-parameter-fault-599/

how to solve Xentry error 2221-45 No access authorization?

posted on Jul 21, 2016| tags: sd connect c4 mb sd connect c4

One of customer had the Xentry error 2221-45 No access authorization when running Mercedes MB SD Connect C4 2016.07V Xentry diagnostic software. Here is the final solution provided by mbstarhsop.com engineer. 



(2221-45) No access authorization for XENTRY Diagnostic was found on the server. You must contact the User Help Disk.



Browse to C:Mercedes-BenzXentry usokoeclipseplugins, delete com.daimler_xentry.diagservice_1.6_0.2016.07181047 file.


Problem has been solved.http://mbstarshop.blogspot.com/2016/07/how-to-solve-xentry-error-2221-45-no.html 


Original Xentry Connect C5 remove hard disk

posted on Jul 19, 2016| tags: MB SD CONNECT C5 sd c5 benz sd connect c5

It's aimed to help remove the hard disk from the original Xentry Connect C5 (SD connect C5) Star diagnostic tool.


you need:

Benz SD C5 Connect

a tweezersa screwdriver


Here goes the key- remove the hard disk within STAR C5 step by step.

remove the  protective layer


use the screwdriver to to take off the screws

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(2) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(3) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(4)

take off the cover and the card

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(5) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(6)

turn to the other side and take off the screws and the cover

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(8) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(9) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(10)

this is the Xentry connect hard disk

you cannot remove it nowSD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(11)

turn to the other side

use the tweezers to take off the side cover gently (pay attention to cables connected)

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(12) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(13) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(14)

back to the side with the hard disk

now, you can remove itSD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(15)

remove the hard disk from sd connect c5 - SUCCESS!



MB SD C4 Device not connection solution

posted on Jul 15, 2016| tags: SD CONENCT C4 mb sd connect c4

One of our customer had the device not connection problem when using Mercedes MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic system. Here is the working solution provided by mbstarshop.com engineer. mb-sd-c4-device-no-connection   Solution: You are required to update the MB SD C4 firmware follow the guide here:

  1. Install SD Connect C4 battery 
  2. Update SDConnect

He did follow the solution but still had the file for software update error sdconnect-toolkit The problem is that the names are wrong in file “SDconnect Toolkit “, you need to correct them as: Update_automatic , Update_manual ; Update_Special Update_automatic-Update_manual-Update_Special Customer feedback: this was the right solution of the Problem. The Names were wrong. Thank you very much for your help. good news !mbstarshop is doing Black Friday promotions : http://blog.mbstartool.com/2016/07/16/sd-connect-c4-device-no-connection/

2016.7V SD Connect C4 DAS Xentry for Win7 Win8

posted on Jul 14, 2016| tags: sd connect c4 mb sd connect c4 mb star diagnosis

Latest version Mercedes-Benz2016.7V MB Star diagnosis DAS Xentryfor SD Connect C4 is available in mbstartool.com.


Latest version:V2016.07

Multi-languages:English, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish & Turkish

You can log in Daimler AG program without user name and password needed, it is used to check price for Benz vehicle accessories.

Support Windows 7 System. WIN7 HDD do not support HHT-WIN!Software version newer than V2015.12 does not support HHT-WIN!



Product software includes: (Version: 2016 )

1.D-A-S / Xentry 2016.07: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing

2.W-I-S net 2016.06: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring dia